Calling in Some Favors

Calling in Some FavorsToday I talk about some interesting “coincidences” that happen as my old car died (199,009 miles ) and I got approved for a car loan (I couldn't even get a best buy card a few months ago). And I needed a reliable car as I drive about 400 miles a week.

Luckily a nun with a 2003 Toyota Corolla traded in her car (with 39,000 miles on it). I got a car that I will have to work to afford the car payments, but I don't have to worry about it breaking down.

I had started off the day with Joel Osteen in my head saying “God wants to do you favors if you just ask.” So I did, and he did. Thanks God.

Love and Respect

Key Points:

Your relationship will have issues. Men and Women are different. When you learn how to address the differences, you have a better chance to get off the “Crazy Cycle.” The crazy cycle says that when a man acts in a non-loving way to his spouse, she feels unloved. When she feels unloved she acts disresepectful to the man. When the man feels unrespected, he acts in a non-loving way (and aroudn and around you go).

Its a great book and a great conference. Check out Love and Respect at

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