Student Centered Learning

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Today I talk about my college experience as it is now complete and behind me. I am amazed at how we learn over and over that we need to get our children to learn math and science. We learn that the United States of America is LOSING to other countries, and we can't keep saying “We're Number 1” too much longer.

I am amazed at the stupid topics, sloppy delivery, unorganized delivery of topics that was my education. I learned the most when I got behind and got my first “F” ever. I learned that I'm not Superman, and I can't always put things off, and catch up later. I learned that you need balance in your life. That you occasionally have to say “No” to people to keep your sanity.

I'm glad I don't have to listen how I need to be sure to work examples into my lesson plans that transgendered people can relate to. After all, we all have our own tastes and cultures. Unless I'm teaching a cooking class, and the subject is cutting up hot dogs, I'm not going to be able to related to a transgendered person. I'm not saying these are bad people, but I'm not saying this is a “normal” or better “natural” occurrence. I know, I know, I'm judgmental.  I need to keep my opinion to myself so you can voice your opinion about how wrong my opinion is. Funny how that is… You're negative opinion about me is ok, my negative opinion about you is “judgmental.”

There are two ways to learn something. You mimic the actions of those who do it exceptionally well, or you do the polar opposite of those who completely, without a doubt, suck at it.

Flight of Ideas Friday


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Words are fun. I want to know who gets to decide when a word is officially a word. I was at a Cleveland Indians game and the other team had a guy named Chone Figgins. (his full name is Desmond DeChone Figgins ). Why do we name the first poo of a baby meconium If it's that special why don't we put it in a jar and sell it? Look at meconium fix this broken coffee cup! Look it's strong enough to pull this 18 wheel truck! Likewise, why do we need to name certain body parts? Do we really need the word Taint? apparently, the Taint used to be called the perineum. Was that not good enough? Shouldn't words be taken into a committee to see if we really need the word? Be sure to tell your daughters to threaten a “kick to the taint” to pressing males. When they go “a what?” they can then run away.

I still hate Elvis. We all know Little Richard was the king of Rock and Roll and the Beatles and Elvis stole it all from him. I still hate Star Trek

John Lennon liked words…..and acid, but that's another podcast.

Having a bad day? Too hot for you? Go grab a box fan and a towel. I've got the cure.

Do you have a cell phone? Don't have time to exercise? Walk and Talk people! Walk and talk took me from a size 8 to a size two! Thank you walk and talk!

When I was growing up I used to take a sheet and a box fan and sleep in a blimp. Looking back this is a bad idea. Sounds like a great way to lose a finger.

Kids Are Like Electric Football

Today I introduce you to my new Great Nephew. He sure is little. It really drove home the point of how absolutely life-changing kids are. I can honestly say that at age 43 I'm glad I don't have this kind of responsibility that is soooo 24/7.

I talk about how “The Countess” has made the “Show Choir.” This scared me as if she had not made it, I would've been there for the meltdown, and I want the best for all of “The Nurses” kids (and I'm not sure I could take watching the meltdown from the front row).  Luckily I got to be part of the celebration.

One thing as I “Hang out” with children of all shapes and sizes, I can see where the role of the parent really comes into play. Kids have their own personality. It sure seems like they are preprogrammed to go in a certain direction. It reminds me of “Electric Football.” A game my brother and I got for Christmas (pre-Atari). This game had some vibrating device on the bottom and a flat (or supposed to be flat) surface that the players would stand on. You could adjust some stuff on the player, and point them in the direction you wanted to go. You had the perfect plan. Then you would turn on the electricity and half the team would fall over, another 20 percent would go in circles, and many of the players would end up in the corner driving straight into the wall because the surface wasn't flat. As a parent (coach) you picked them back up and pointed them back in the direction you wanted to go, turn on the electricity and hope things turn out for the better.

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