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_______ Don’t Fail Me Now

coochie144.pngBefore we even set foot in Fat Fish Blue in Downtown Cleveland, I knew what to expect. You see a large female soul singer (who happened to be African-American)  was going to be on stage. I told the nurse (my girlfriend), “This women will follow the large soul singer formula and sing about grinding it to a nub. 

We weren't there 10-15 minutes and she starts a song about “Sleeping with one eye open becuase her man won't leave her alone.” Your honor I rest my case. 

I also made up a couple of songs I might expect to hear including, “I think I done broke it off in me…”

Now it's just my opinion. These seem like lovely people, but I'm not really into watching a 270+ lb woman grind on stage. It's just not my thing.  

Speaking of great soul singers, I end the show with a cut from the Podsafe Music Network ( featuring Shameka Copeland ( ) “Breakin”

POPO Reads the Christmas Story

Today  I tell the story of Christmas Eve. For a child this was known as “Hours of Torture” followed by some presents. The “finish line” of the waiting for presents was Grandpa (better known as POPO – “poe poe”) reading the Christmas story.

So when my Grandparents left of to go live with relatives in Texas I had my Grandfather read the Christmas story into a cassette tape. I had lost this tape for years. I really thought I had lost it. So I have received a great present this year by having the voice of my Grandfather back in my life after many years of absence. Welcome to the Podcast POPO.

Merry Christmas everyone. Thanks so much for listening.?????

The Christmas Tree From Hell

My Grandfather was one of the first people to have an artificial tree. He had a unique way of decorating it. It sticks in my mind even though it was so many years ago.

Music “What Child is This” Jimme Bratcher from the Podsafe Music Network

What I Always Wanted

The ClapperOK, We all have stories of odd gifts. However, looking back these many of my “unique” gifts came from family members who lived out of town and saw me once or twice a year.  I could've won an Oscar for my performance “Best Faking of Appreciation” role.

What Child is This from Jimmie Bratcher ( ) from the Podsafe Music Network ( )

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Archie the Giant Demonic Snowman

Demonic Snowman - Better Dave

Welcome to day #6 of the “12 dave's of Christmas”  

When Santa's line got too long the genious staff of Chappel Hill Mall in Akron, Ohio decided to invent “Archie” this 3 story tall snowman to talk to kids (who would then relay all information to Santa).

Hmmm… back to the drawing board.

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Decorating the Christmas Bush

Christmas bushWhile my Grandmother was sharp as a tack into her 90's, the woman could not pick out a Christmas tree to save her life.

One weekend every year my cousins and I would get together to “Decorate the Christmas Bush.” It had old lights, old ornaments, and an old toy soldier that we found to be quite fun.

Music “What Child is This” by Jimmie Bratcher from the Podsafe Music Network

The Nurse Strikes Back

angrynurse144.jpgIts been a while. I had to prepare for and then take my final exams and my first semester at Akron Univeristy is in the books. FINALLY.

Get ready for “12 Daves of Christimas” coming tomorrow!

Dave tells about a fun trip to eat at Friendly's. Now we can't complain about children in this restaturant, but if you can't hear yourself think, it's time to take some action and THE NURSE STIKES BACK.

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