Unbelievable Crap On TV (again)

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John Lovitz, Lisa Rina, and other people time have forgotten are now on a show where they sing music you don't want to hear.

The part that blows me away is the audience made of 20 somethings who are shouting like someone is paying them money (oh wait).

Does Lisa think that some casting director is going to see her and say, “Hey she's be perfect for my new role…”

Its baffling.




I Miss Talent – American Idol is HORRIBLE

Last night I did something I have never done, but I watched the American Idol finale. I thought I would hear the best of the best, but found out that many of these people can't sing.

I was also blown away at the deterioration of Paul Stanley's voice (of the band KISS). It was shocking. I loved his Audio Book, and it rekindled my interest in Kiss. I thought about putting out $90 for a ticket when they come through Cleveland, but I won't after this performance.

Look people get old. It happens. It's just hard to get reality slapping in your face and reminding you that you – and your idols – are getting old.

I found some great videos on Youtube that spotlight some of the Beatles doing their song with the music off. This was before auto tuning. These guy did it live and it was amazing.



What My Mother Meant to Me – The Original Building a Better Dave

Cassette Deck

When I was 24, my mother passed away from her second (well technically third) heart attack. It was April 27, 1989. It had been 6 years since she had passed. As someone who talks in public for a living (teaching technology) it didn't seem like a stretch to take two of my passions (teaching and God) and put them together. At least that's what the Pastor's assistant thought when she asked me to sub for him and do a sermon titled, “What my Mother meant to me” on Mother's Day.

This would be the sermon that would “Launch” my role as a pastor in training (a course that later went  away from this church and landed on the Internet). As this is Mother's day, I thought I would share it with you. The audio quality is very 1989 (originally recorded on a cassette deck)


Today Dave share's about his new health kick (and why he decided enough is enough). He also talks about the demise of Thanksgiving, weird “Christmas” songs.


I'm in a Dietbet that if I can lose 10% of my body weight in 6 months I have a shot at earning some cash. How much? There is $175350 in the pot with 1304 people fighting for it. For more information check out Dietbet.com

So far I'm down 3 lbs.

Watching Thanksgiving fade Away


I remember when Sunday's stores were closed, then (greed) stores decided to stay open. Then we had “Black Friday” the day after thanksgiving when the majority of the USA has the day off to go shopping. Then black Friday

started at 10 am. Then 9 am. Then 4 am. Now if you didn't notice it, Black Friday starts on Thursday night about 8. We are trading in our time with our family where we are supposed to be thankful for what we have and we are trading it in to to have things that we think will make our life better- but won't.

When I was at Target the associated wanted to know if I wanted to open up a credit card to pay for my $2.54 bill. Really? I could save 5%. What will I do with that 13 cents? Sure let me sign up so you can charge me 30% interest. That is hard to fathom.

The Spending Society

If you haven't checked, some are your credit cards are charging 30%. That means is most of your money is going to pay for credit  card bills 30% of your hard earned money is being lit on fire because you couldn't wait. In the future I don't think we will potty train our children as we won't want them to wait to do anything.

I Broke My Back – Again

Why am I getting into shape? Because I tore every muscle in my upper body. Doing what? Drying off. Yep. Drying off with a towel. One wrong turn and my entire body just froze up. I said to myself ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

I was looking at the iTunes reviews of the Logical Weight Loss podcast, and one review said, “Dave you've been doing this podcast for three years and you've set a new record for being heavy.” Ouch. I've always tried to be a person of integrity and its just time to poop or get off the pot.

Why Are These Christmas Songs?

I was listening to “My Favorite Things,” and of course later “Marshmallow World” (the worst Christmas song ever). This are just beyond cheesy.


I Got Shacked

I Got ShackedThere is a weird law in the universe. The large the hurry you are in, the better the chance that the employee at Radio Shack will grill you on your phone plan on the way out the door. After being a joke for every comedians in the future about them asking about batteries, they switched from pimping batteries to grilling you about your phone.

I went to TWO other stores praying they would have the cable I KNEW Radio Shack had. I didn't want to have to deal with the check out process. I'm happy with my phone. I know you sell phones. I know you sell toys. I know what you do. I see you advertising.

I really just want my change. I just got my phone. I won't be upgrading any time soon. Neither will anyone of my friends, family, or co-workers. Can I please just have my change? How about handing me my receipt and letting me get out?

Let's Create a Catch Phrase

When you are in a store, and they just won't let you leave without hearing the hard sell you are “Getting Shacked.” If you are at the shoe store and they won't let you leave without the hard pitch for socks, you are “Getting Shacked.” Let's make this part of a vocabulary. “I got shacked!”


1.7 Billion Pounds of bacon

Have no fear, bacon is here! With Americans gobbling up more than 1.7 billion pounds of bacon each year, Destination America brings bac

Everything Is Better With Bacon

on buffs what they crave with an all-new series, UNITED STATES OF BACON. Each episode features our hog-wild host, Chef Todd Fisher, as he road trips to cities across America in search of the most mouth-watering, stomach-growl-inducing, sensory-overloading bacon creations kitchens have to offer. While more than half of all U.S. homes (53%) keep bacon in their fridge at all times, no longer are the sizzling strips being relegated to the sidelines as a simple breakfast side dish. As Chef Todd discovers, bacon has become a beloved fixture of American cuisine for any meal of day and the “secret sauce” for recipes of all kinds, popping up on menus as the crown jewel of traditional dishes and in avant-garde pairings with ice cream, jam, and cocktails. The 12-episode first season of UNITED STATES OF BACON premieres Sunday, December 30 at 10 & 10:30 PM E/P. If only television screens were scratch and sniff!

Denny's Bacon Makes it Better

Denny's is now serving a salted carmel sundae with BACON. A BACON Milkshare, and many other bacon related products. My gripe is there are people who truly do believe that life is better with bacon. My job is gone! Eat some bacon! My government is corrupt! Eat some Bacon. Meanwhile if the bacon doesn't make it better, Arby's will provide Good Mood Food while my snickers really satisifes me. Are we really that stupid?

The Power of the Boo


BooToday I talk about how I was at a football game and we all joined in on a good old fashioned BOO!

Oddly enough nothing changed. The referees didn't change their call. Did this ever work? Back in the 1700s if you shouted BOO at someone, were they obligated to change their mind?

Also on the show today I talk about my two weekends that I worked in a haunted School House. There is nothing more fun than trying to hide your 6″ 1″ frame behind a three foot wall.

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