Examining Mating Habits

Hey, I made it through my first weekend with the new band. Nothing like playing music you've never heard in front of 100 people.

Also, the people in these clubs are WASTED.

Welcome to sleep deprivation theater as I've had four hours of sleep.

Music “Drunk Tonight” from the Bloody Irish boys from the Podsafe Music Network
(http://music.podshow.com www.bloddyirishboys.com )

Aunt Bee Doesn’t Give Me Wood – 2

Dave talks about his experiences with Yahoo, Match.com, Eharmony and the wise teachings of Dr Phil. He also explains one reason why stopped calling a girl after one meeting.


The girl to the left does not exist on dating sites. Can we sue them for false advertising?

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About Time

About Time

Carla Gio


Download “Love is on its Way” (MP3, 192kbps)