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Table For Two Please

Romantic DinnerLook if your kid can't read the menu – LEAVE THEM HOME.

That's what Babysitters and grandparents are for!

I'm tired of dodging forks during my dinner. Besides your actions are increasing the divorce rate. Would it be too much to ask that you do NOT set your children on fire until you get home?

Is life over at 50? If you didn't have sex when you were dating the first 10 years of marriage are bearable, so you have something to do. If you're already discovered each other, then this crying child makes you cranky.

You chose to have the kid Рaccept the responsibility and STAY HOME.  There is a place for unruly children. It's called the laundromat.

Outlawing Broccoli

OUtlawing BroccoliDave talks about having a “hero” moment with “The Senator” (the 10 year old son of his girlfriend). It was an amazing moment.

Music From the Podsafe Music Network

Superhero from Anthony Stauffer and Holy Smoke

Wisdom From the Bathroom Wall

I recently came across a very unique bathroom experience. You could witness the battle of good and evil all in one place.

I was amazed at the craftsmanship, and creativity

Examaning Mating Habits

Hey I made it through my first weekend with the new band. Nothing like playing music you've never heard in front of 100 people.

Also the people in these clubs are WASTED.

Welcome to sleep deprivation theater as I've had four hours of sleep.

Music “Drunk Tonight” from the Blody Irish boys from the Podsafe Music Network
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Please Take My Sperm

Dave recounts his days in the fertility lab. He also discusses Masturbation as an Olympic event. Music is from the band from the Podsafe Music Network

Today we're talkin spoodge…. and the joy of fertility treatments.

Aunt Bee Doesn’t Give Me Wood – 2

Dave talks about his experiences with Yahoo,, Eharmony and the wise teachings of Dr Phil. He also explains one reason why stopped calling a girl after one meeting.


The girl to the left does not exist on dating sites. Can we sue them for false advertising?

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About Time

About Time

Carla Gio

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