Taming the Tongue

Taming the Tongue

I am amazed at how much there is in the bible that basically says shut up. Keep it to yourself, and how much damage you can do with your mouth. The fun thing is how do you learn to keep your mouth shut without going off the deep end and feeling like what you have to say has no worth? That is my dilemma.

I'm not sure where my lack of self worth comes from, but I know most of my life I was pretty happy. I'm still an optimistic guy. Then I went to therapy for a few years and they told me how horrible my life was, and how I have scars for life. Really? I didn't see any… Hmmm. I'm not always ready to believe what the shrinks have to say. This is from the days when they diagnosed me as being ADD, and then later tested me after prescribing me medication. Quacks.

There is an old joke that says you can be married or you can be right. There is a lot of truth to that, and its not just married. My soul is that of a teacher, and I'm always trying to help people by sharing my insights. To have a successful class you need students who are interested in learning. I've come to the conclusion that not everyone is as hip to “constant improvement” as I am.

Many times its not what I'm trying to say, but a lack of tact in the way I said it. Good intentions – bad execution. Its a tough road to go, and a hard skill I will need to work on. Slowing down has something that I'm not good at. With 40 years left of my life, I'm not really interested in slowing down. The clock keeps ticking, and the lines in my face are getting clearer to quote Steven Tyler. Life is too short.

Zombies in Vegas

Slot Machines

Slot MachinesNOTICE: There is 6 seconds of silence at the beginning of this episode (the mic was not pressed). Don't crank up your speakers or your head will be blasted off.

I went to the new media expo. I love the expo. I am not a fan of Vegas. I saw many things that made me sad. It seemed everyone I saw, I would write in a back story that was just horrible. The one thing that really bugged me two fold was one night when I was leaving the Rio (where the expo was) one of the “drink girls” got up on a table (complete with loud music, lights, etc) and for lack of a better phrase began to shake her ass. She wasn't naked, and for the most part had a bathing suit on with some lace over top. The commotion caught my attention, and when I realized what was going on I decided to continue looking for my friend. Then I noticed that nobody was paying attention.

As a musician, I've had my experience as the “Human Juke Box” and it's not fun. At least in those instances I was part of a band. There was no mistaking this, we were ignoring her. Consequently, when the music was over she returned to serving drinks. I noticed that nobody clapped. I thought, I wonder what causes more internal scars, the fact that part of your paycheck is earned shaking your butt or the fact that nobody notices and appreciates that you are shaking your butt. I felt bad for her.

The scene that played over and over in my hotel (the Gold Coast) were older people in their 60;s and 70's with a dead pan stare on their face just pushing “the button” (you no longer have to pull a lever) and watching their money evaporate. I don't understand it. I spent $1 in the airport on the way back and it took me about 5 of my 20 tries to figure out this was a game that was geared to leave me on the losing end.

Next episode I'm not that guy anymore….??? ?? ??????

I Don’t Want to Freak You Out

Don't Panic

Don't PanicToday I talk about the frighteneing situation where my wife had a “fake” heart attack. It looked like a heart attack, smelled like a heart attack, but in the end it was her gallbaldder. Looking back, I didn't want to freak her out when I thought she was having a heart attack. Meanwhile she was trying to remain calm so she wouldn't freak me out. I went to work because she was so calm about it. This has lead me to believe that I can't read my wife's mind at all. In the end I went to work (I was teaching a class that day). It was very weird driving to work and thinking, “What if she was wrong?”

Top 10 Memories of Life

After her procedure I was with her at night. We flipped thorugh 8 million channels (with nothing worth watching), and eventualy found two shows we watched growing up. Sandford and Son, and Good Times. After having the crap scared out of me, having my wife “out of the woods” and back in my arms, where it was just the two of us, is now one of my most cherrished moments. I also talk about the first time the frist time I told her I loved her (next the to drain pipe decorated for Christmas). Another favorite memory was when I got to play guitar for my step-daughter as she sang (here that episode).

In watching some of the shows I grew up with, I was su