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Oh Happy Day!I've been saying “It's going to Get Better” for quite a while. “The Nurse” and I were coming to a crossroads if something didn't change, and we got some great news in regards to my college career (and how long it will last).

“In Time” from Bari Koral by the CD at
The Figt Song from the Super Suckers
Oh Happy Day by Shelly Wilson by her CD at

Dumb as a Crayon

Teenage boys can be stupid. I talk about a tale that happened right in front of my face, and why I use books to lie to myself. Website is www.betterdave.comMusic From the Podsafe Music Network

The Leaving Trains “Dumb as a Crayon”

Outlawing Broccoli

OUtlawing BroccoliDave talks about having a “hero” moment with “The Senator” (the 10 year old son of his girlfriend). It was an amazing moment.

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Superhero from Anthony Stauffer and Holy Smoke

I’ll Be Right Back

Dave Jackson

Just a quick blurb to let everyone know I'm going to be taking a small hiatus as I prepare for my final exams (a week, maybe ten days). Don't worry. All is well.

by Leerone – “All is Well” from the Podsafe Music Network 

LEERONE: In This Life, On This Road

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