The Death of Common Sense

A West Virginia school during Patriotism week made a sign about their opponent from Pittsburgh. They made the sign red white and blue, and the sign read, “Trump Perry.” It did not say, “WE HATE BLACK PEOPLE.” A football banner is intended to intimidate the other team.
My high school was Ellet High School so Ellet rhymed with Smell iT. As our mascot was a giant Orange Hulk, and we were known as the Orangemen, we often saw many signs about “Squeezing the Orangemen.”
Our arch rival was Springfield High School. Springfield had a lake. So we called students from Springfield, “Swamp Rats.”
I guess by today's standards we were bullying when we played the fight song after a touchdown.
I can't believe this made the news. Instead of the superintendent from the WV school writing an apology, they should've suspended the LIBRARIAN for being a narcissist and making everything about her, and for not being able to process any opinion besides her own.
While I can't “tell you how to feel” you should be willing, and wanting to hear the other side of a story and be willing to participate in a dialogue. Here is the story from CNN

The Other Side of Christmas

The Other Side of Christmas

The Other Side of ChristmasI ruined an Angel. I did. There was an Angel in my mother-in-laws bathroom. Its been there for years. One day while peeing, I looked up and noticed it had something (maybe a book) in its one hand, and in the other it had a candle with no wick. A candle with no wick, and the top of it slight indentation around it. It looked falic. Now there are certain words you don't use around your mother-in-law. You are still trying to help be happy that her daughter is married to you. That's the plan at least. But one word I typically do not use around my mother in law “Dildo.” So on the way home I told my wife (trying to be weird, shocking and goofy) “Why is the Angel in the bathroom holding a Dildo?” To this I believe my wife just said ,” David?… sigh…” My warped sense of humor that she found unique as we were dating has lost its magic. Never in my life would I think my wife (my trusted and most intimate partner) would tell her mother, “Dave thinks the Angel in the bathroom is holding a Dildo.” Now for the record, I was told my mother-in-law laughed (I am very lucky in the Mother in law department), but on the other hand I ruined the Angel. Nobody can look at the “Candle” anymore without thinking Dildo. Rumor has it, I may end up with it as a present as nobody can look at it anymore.

I was thinking of all the Christmas specials and how one sided the are. In the aftermath of children getting shot by cops we are becoming a little cynical. We want to look at the other side. When I thought about it, here is what I came up with.

Frosty Was a Pedophile

Frosty the snowman could slide around without moving his feet (OK, he didn't have any) and he loved to play with Children. He sounds like Michael Jackson and that’s when it came it me. Frosty was a pedophile

Rudolph Had A Serious Coke Problem

Rudolph stayed up thinking about leading Santa's sleigh. We think this was his dream, but really he was on a three day coke binge. His nose was Red because he did lots of coke. This is why Santa didn't want him guiding his sleigh. He knew Rudolph was going to crash unexpectedly, quickly, and Santa didn't want to die.

Sounds and Smells Can Take You Back

It’s funny how different smells and sound just zap you back to certain time and places. Every time I hear “Eruption” by Van Halen its 1978 and I'm sitting in Al School's bedroom with Scott Kenepp looking at the record player (it was 1978) just baffled as to how Eddie is making that noise. When I hear the song “Linus and Lucy” (what most people consider the Peanuts theme) I think we all can flash back to sitting in front of the television, of hurrying back because the commercials were almost over and the show was coming back on, and watching a Charlie Brown Christmas.

It Was Cold Outside – But I Was Warm….Dad is that you?

I had a weird experience the other day. I was driving to Michigan and stopped at a rest area (the older I get I have to pee every 15 minutes). Maybe it was the smell of diesel fuel and the sound of trucks, but for a second I really felt like my Dad was standing right behind me. It’s so strange to miss someone so much you rarely saw. I didn't turn around, but it was just a very strange feeling. It was cold outside, but I was suddenly warm. I just felt his presence. It’s strange how much someone who didn't see a whole lot at the end of his life. But in a way my Dad was like a Charlie Brown Christmas. You know every year he's going to be there. How weird would it be if all of the sudden they just didn't broadcast that? Well that's how I feel this year. It's not surprising after all. The holidays always make us think of family, but for the record I miss you Dad and I'm really going to miss you telling me the same thing you told me the last time I visited you. Alzheimers sucked, but it was better than nothing. Nothing. Nothing sucks.

I will forever associate the word “home” with being wrapped in the supper thick black comforter we had after playing in the freezing snow, and having mom bring me some hot chocolate. Christmas music on the stereo, and staring at our tree. Peace, warmth, and love. The world' best combination.

Last night I was sitting in my mother in law's awesome home. I had all my kids there, we were decorating the tree. We were making fun of ornaments made long ago (Why is Santa carrying a giant green bean?). At point we were running out of room for ornaments and all the cool ornaments were on the tree so I sat down, and I pulled out my phone and plugged it into a portable speaker and started playing Harry Belefonte's Christmas album. Every year I play Harry Belefonte's Christmas album while decorating the tree and I'm right back in my living room with Mom making hot chocolate. I just wanted to suck it in. Here are my step kids. One is married, one is in college with a serious boyfriend in South Carolina, and one getting ready to go to College. Who knows how many of these we will have. Soon they all will have in-laws and it’s a crap shoot to get them all together. So I just sat there and watched my beautiful wife, my awesome kids finish decorating a tree. I told my brain to be a sponge and suck in and hold on to this memory. With my astigmatism and my glasses needing cleaned there were extra sparkles added to the lights. It was awesome.

It felt like home.


Can I Help You?

Can I Help You

Today I talk about the sport of having sex when you have children in the house.

I also relive July 1972 when the Stones came to town. I wasn't allowed out because of the hippies.

Most people talk about the oldest child having very strict parents, the youngest having it too easy (and getting spoiled) and of course the middle child getting lost in the shuffle.  To me, none of these apply. The child that has it worst is the child whose bedroom is next to Mom and Dad's.

Maybe I'm weird, but when I walk into a room with naked people I typically look down, say “I'm sorry” and leave immediately. I thought this was the standard response for most people. But then again, if you had something very important you might stay to make sure you made your point.

Today's show features music from Apa State Mental and the song is “Eaten By Hippies” from the Podsafe Music Network.