Check Please!


I'm typically a hard person to find speechless, but when my Ethics teacher presented us a blog posting about a Japanese video game called “Rapelay”  where the goal of the games was to rape women and force them into having abortions. I grew up playing Monopoly and operation.  I was speechless.

I mean how does that go down? Does Hop Sing come running and and go “I've got a great idea for a game where YOU can be the rapest,” and everyone goes “By george he's got it!” I mean seriously. How does this have a market so that people would even ponder the thought of creating it in the first place? What's next Old McDonald's Bestiality Video Game?

I suppose if I stand up and say, “I embrace free speach, and I embrace other cultures, but this is messed up” I'm going to be labeled “judgemental.” If this is the case, what would be classified as wrong?

I just know at this point, I've seen enough. It's sad, and I feel ashamed to be human. I want off the planet. “Check please!” lets box it up and get out of here.

Dick Clark’s Rotten Eve

New Years Eve Ball

Today I'm talking about my New Year's eve. I was watching Dick Clark's rockin' eve hosted by Ryan Seacrest. It was fairly horrible. The interesting thing is when I was growing up Dick Clark was for the younger people and Guy Lombardo was for the old folks. Now Dick Clark is for the older folk like me.

Well Dick had a stroke 2 years ago and apparently has not recovered a whole lot. They dragged him out last year so we could try to decipher what he was saying. This year I wondered, “Are they going to dust off Dick?” They did and he has had some work done on his face, and apparently has not been attending his speak therapy as regularly as he should. This saddens me. I don't want to be reminded that he is not the Dick Clark I remember.


My Petco Advertisement

I wanted to let everyone know that as food was not covered on the petco discounts I have asked to be removed from that advertising campaign. Everyone I asked, “What do you buy at Petco?” answered, “Food.” Thanks to MEvio for letting me out of my contract. Nothing against Petco, but I didn't feel comfortable with this campaign.

Sex, Drugs, and Christmas

Sex Drugs and Christmas

Today I come to you with the demented slant on Christmas music. This was caused by hearing the same 14 songs over and over. I mean I love Andy Williams, but not for four weeks straight. It turns out that while rock music is about Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll, Christmas music is the same.


I also took my fiance's 15 year old daughter driving for the first time in an abandonded Target parking lot. It was just as exciting as an amusement park ride. She did great, and it will be fun helping her get her liscense.

2009 is going to be the year.

I'm going to graduate, get a job, and finally marry the nurse. This has potential to be the best year of my life. I'm also going to get into shape. Why not join me at

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