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Chasing the High

Today I share a story about playing an outdoor festival with my band “The $ugar Daddies” on a July fourth weekend. We headlined this outdoor festival. The bad news is nobody had tested the power going to the flatbed truck along with the chasingthehigh300power so that by the time my band took the stage we needed the lights. The bad news as is soon as we turned them on, the power would trip a breaker. The solution? We had to play the indoor stage where there was no air conditioning and it was easy 95+ degrees with the giant holiday weekend crowd. It was one of those nights that everybody was hitting on all points and we just had that groove. Everything was just working.

Then it came time for me to do the Song “Texas Flood” by Stevie Ray Vaughn. This was a song that I just got to “Go Off” on and have fun. To this day, it was like being hit by lightning. I felt what I wanted to play from my toes and it just shot out my fingers. It was awesome. The crowd reacted. It was a feeling like no other. The band lasted a few more years, but we started flipping musicians, playing smaller clubs and we eventually fizzled out. For me, July 4th at the Northside was in the top 5 gigs. Opening for Blue Oyster Cult was another one.

So one of the old trumpet players contacts me and he's trying to get a band together that is close to what my old band played. I've been in so many bands that just didn't work for so many reasons. This sounds promising. I'm a bit nervous as I might get really disappointed. I want that feeling one more time, so I'm going to go chase that high.

Sugar Daddies 2004

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

This week I am home alone (feel free to put your hands on your face and make a face like Macaulay Culkin). I did something I hardly ever do.


Rear View MirrorI sat on the couch and petted my cat.

It is here where I learned why I love working on my next project. This might be reading or listening to a book, thinking of the next product I want to create, etc.

When I'm not thinking about things coming in the future, I think about the past.

I don't like to think about the past.

I sat there and reality let me know that my Dad was really gone. The cards I had been dealt, were gone. Game over.

I had a good old fashioned cry.

It felt good in the end.

My cat was very confused.

Looking Forward

I prefer to look forward, and see a picture of an improved life. One where I help people. One where I leave the planet a better place.

I often fall asleep at my desk. I then get up, and go home. I bop till I drop in the immortal words of Rick Springsfield.

I'm OK with that.

Relaxation is over rated in my book. It doesn't compare to the adrenaline rush of new ideas, of creativity pulsing in my veins. No contest.

I'll sleep when I'm dead.

Unbelievable Crap On TV (again)

John Lovitz, Lisa Rina, and other people time have forgotten are now on a show where they sing music you don't want to hear.

The part that blows me away is the audience made of 20 somethings who are shouting like someone is paying them money (oh wait).

Does Lisa think that some casting director is going to see her and say, “Hey she's be perfect for my new role…”

Its baffling.




I Miss Talent – American Idol is HORRIBLE

Last night I did something I have never done, but I watched the American Idol finale. I thought I would hear the best of the best, but found out that many of these people can't sing.

I was also blown away at the deterioration of Paul Stanley's voice (of the band KISS). It was shocking. I loved his Audio Book, and it rekindled my interest in Kiss. I thought about putting out $90 for a ticket when they come through Cleveland, but I won't after this performance.

Look people get old. It happens. It's just hard to get reality slapping in your face and reminding you that you – and your idols – are getting old.

I found some great videos on Youtube that spotlight some of the Beatles doing their song with the music off. This was before auto tuning. These guy did it live and it was amazing.



What My Mother Meant to Me – The Original Building a Better Dave

When I was 24, my mother passed away from her second (well technically third) heart attack. It was April 27, 1989. It had been 6 years since she had passed. As someone who talks in public for a living (teaching technology) it didn't seem like a stretch to take two of my passions (teaching and God) and put them together. At least that's what the Pastor's assistant thought when she asked me to sub for him and do a sermon titled, “What my Mother meant to me” on Mother's Day.

This would be the sermon that would “Launch” my role as a pastor in training (a course that later went  away from this church and landed on the Internet). As this is Mother's day, I thought I would share it with you. The audio quality is very 1989 (originally recorded on a cassette deck)

Do We Have to Become Our Parents?

Today Dave returns to talk about turning 49 along with topics such as

Back Hair

Seeing your Dad when you look into the mirror.

My 8th Birthday

I swore I would never make a child of mine have  a birthday like m eighth. My Dad was a long distance truck driver and in 1973 there were no cell phones, and to make a long story short I didn't get a phone call from him on my birthday. It really bummed me out, and made me feel pretty invisible. I don't hold it against him, and he did call the next day.

Fast Forward to 2014

I was in Vegas for a podcasting convention. I remember when I woke up on the last day and had a reminder to call my step son. It was his 17th birthday. Its weird when you're three hours apart. When you eat, they are sleeping. When you're eating lunch, they are in school. This goes on and on. When I looked at my watch and saw it was 9:45 pm in Vegas meant it was 12:45 in Ohio. I had missed his birthday. I had a reason (I got lost in the time zones), but I couldn't believe I had done that.

Are we destined to turn into our parents? I don't know. I haven't seen my Dad in years cause the last time I went to see him the dimensia had robbed him of his memory of me (and he thought I was my brother). This makes one feel insignificant (even though you know it's not his fault). I'm thinking of going back to see him. It is weird. If you're Dad doesn't remember you, but he's alive, it's like YOU're dead. I'm going to take my wife and hope that she will help him remember me. I guess we'll see. I have a voice in my head that says I need to go and see him.Сео

Taming the Tongue

I am amazed at how much there is in the bible that basically says shut up. Keep it to yourself, and how much damage you can do with your mouth. The fun thing is how do you learn to keep your mouth shut without going off the deep end and feeling like what you have to say has no worth? That is my dilemma.

I'm not sure where my lack of self worth comes from, but I know most of my life I was pretty happy. I'm still an optimistic guy. Then I went to therapy for a few years and they told me how horrible my life was, and how I have scars for life. Really? I didn't see any… Hmmm. I'm not always ready to believe what the shrinks have to say. This is from the days when they diagnosed me as being ADD, and then later tested me after prescribing me medication. Quacks.

There is an old joke that says you can be married or you can be right. There is a lot of truth to that, and its not just married. My soul is that of a teacher, and I'm always trying to help people by sharing my insights. To have a successful class you need students who are interested in learning. I've come to the conclusion that not everyone is as hip to “constant improvement” as I am.

Many times its not what I'm trying to say, but a lack of tact in the way I said it. Good intentions – bad execution. Its a tough road to go, and a hard skill I will need to work on. Slowing down has something that I'm not good at. With 40 years left of my life, I'm not really interested in slowing down. The clock keeps ticking, and the lines in my face are getting clearer to quote Steven Tyler. Life is too short.