Today Dave share's about his new health kick (and why he decided enough is enough). He also talks about the demise of Thanksgiving, weird “Christmas” songs.


I'm in a Dietbet that if I can lose 10% of my body weight in 6 months I have a shot at earning some cash. How much? There is $175350 in the pot with 1304 people fighting for it. For more information check out

So far I'm down 3 lbs.

Watching Thanksgiving fade Away


I remember when Sunday's stores were closed, then (greed) stores decided to stay open. Then we had “Black Friday” the day after thanksgiving when the majority of the USA has the day off to go shopping. Then black Friday

started at 10 am. Then 9 am. Then 4 am. Now if you didn't notice it, Black Friday starts on Thursday night about 8. We are trading in our time with our family where we are supposed to be thankful for what we have and we are trading it in to to have things that we think will make our life better- but won't.

When I was at Target the associated wanted to know if I wanted to open up a credit card to pay for my $2.54 bill. Really? I could save 5%. What will I do with that 13 cents? Sure let me sign up so you can charge me 30% interest. That is hard to fathom.

The Spending Society

If you haven't checked, some are your credit cards are charging 30%. That means is most of your money is going to pay for credit  card bills 30% of your hard earned money is being lit on fire because you couldn't wait. In the future I don't think we will potty train our children as we won't want them to wait to do anything.

I Broke My Back – Again

Why am I getting into shape? Because I tore every muscle in my upper body. Doing what? Drying off. Yep. Drying off with a towel. One wrong turn and my entire body just froze up. I said to myself ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

I was looking at the iTunes reviews of the Logical Weight Loss podcast, and one review said, “Dave you've been doing this podcast for three years and you've set a new record for being heavy.” Ouch. I've always tried to be a person of integrity and its just time to poop or get off the pot.

Why Are These Christmas Songs?

I was listening to “My Favorite Things,” and of course later “Marshmallow World” (the worst Christmas song ever). This are just beyond cheesy.


Nothing Personal

Today I talk about how I keep having people in my life including my family, friends, and finally a church group keep telling me, “It's not personal, but we don't want to work with you.”

I'm trying to understand what I've done. I've always thought I was a pretty nice guy. I've got a good sense of humor, and I feel like I'm laid back.

A large amount of my family won't speak to me.

I've reached out, but have had almost no replies.

My wife quit our podcast.

A church group told me that they didn't want me in their group. I made the lead uncomfortable.

This has me second guessing every emotion, thought, and action I do.

I always thought I was a good person. Was I wrong?

30 Year High School Reunion

Akron Ellet High School I'm reading about how you identify with different things. When these things disappoint us, we feel stress. Here in Cleveland Ohio we refer to Cleveland Browns Stadium as the “factory of sadness.” The sports teams we identify with do not meet our needs, and we are stressed out watching them.

So I got to hang out with my high school class 30 years after we graduated.

At one point we did something new. We arranged people by the elementary school we attended. So there I was shoulder to shoulder with people I had know for most of my life. The little Hatton heroes. The Hatton school had recently been bulldozed along with all my childhood memories. Only to rebuild it in a more modern fashion. I remember us Hatton people as we prepared to go to Hyre junior high. We had gone from being the oldest at the elementary school to the youngest at the jr high.

Ellet High School Class of 1983 Hatton School

We made it Jr high. Then we ruled the School in 9th grade.

Only to go to the high school, and put up with being the new kids again.

But we worried but learned to drive together in a truck trailer that simulated driving on a giant screen. We watched our football team, and celebrate at McDonald's every Friday rain or shine. We raced to see who could make it around the bases of sex.

We tossed our hats into the air together and sand the alma matter one last time and headed off to graduation parties, and plans of college, work, and future. We swore we'd keep in touch. Some of us did. Most of us didn't However, that doesn't mean we don't have that connection.

We traded that connection for homework, and jobs, and more tests, and degrees. And spouses, and children,. And once every five or so years we get together to see how much weight we've gained, hair we've lost. We look across the dinner table and someone who knows what its like to be us. We remember how awesome Deanna's Sebeny Vargo's -laugh is.

It was weird. Our kids are now our age when most of use connected. We looked like out parents. Slightly gray, slightly overweight. And we worry together about our kids, and in some cases, grandchildren, great nieces and nephews. its nice to be around a group of like minded people. Who call the tree lawn the devil strip. Who know what its like to bleed orange and white.

We worried about leaving elementary school, and then JR High, High School, who take take to the dance, if we would win the big game, pass the test, live through the break up, what college to attend, how to plan the wedding, how to raise the kids, and now as we plow into middle age, we will start to ponder the thought of staying off “the list.”

Charles Ramsey For Mayor

Charles RamseyFirst things first. I am NOT taking light the horrible situation these women went through. What I'm pointing out is the media, and asking the question, “Do they help create these monsters?” Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight are free. Praise God.

On the other hand, I commend Charles Ramsey for doing the right thing. He now has t-shirts, and a lot of attention. It should be interested to see what he does with the spotlight.

Zombies in Vegas

Slot Machines

Slot MachinesNOTICE: There is 6 seconds of silence at the beginning of this episode (the mic was not pressed). Don't crank up your speakers or your head will be blasted off.

I went to the new media expo. I love the expo. I am not a fan of Vegas. I saw many things that made me sad. It seemed everyone I saw, I would write in a back story that was just horrible. The one thing that really bugged me two fold was one night when I was leaving the Rio (where the expo was) one of the “drink girls” got up on a table (complete with loud music, lights, etc) and for lack of a better phrase began to shake her ass. She wasn't naked, and for the most part had a bathing suit on with some lace over top. The commotion caught my attention, and when I realized what was going on I decided to continue looking for my friend. Then I noticed that nobody was paying attention.

As a musician, I've had my experience as the “Human Juke Box” and it's not fun. At least in those instances I was part of a band. There was no mistaking this, we were ignoring her. Consequently, when the music was over she returned to serving drinks. I noticed that nobody clapped. I thought, I wonder what causes more internal scars, the fact that part of your paycheck is earned shaking your butt or the fact that nobody notices and appreciates that you are shaking your butt. I felt bad for her.

The scene that played over and over in my hotel (the Gold Coast) were older people in their 60;s and 70's with a dead pan stare on their face just pushing “the button” (you no longer have to pull a lever) and watching their money evaporate. I don't understand it. I spent $1 in the airport on the way back and it took me about 5 of my 20 tries to figure out this was a game that was geared to leave me on the losing end.

Next episode I'm not that guy anymore….??? ?? ??????

Hungry For America

Hungry For America

I just got voting today and was amazed at the number of people who were on the ballet to be the next President of the United states of America and I had NO IDEA who they were. I Hungry For America

had never heard of their name. I was amazed. The whole process kind of made me sick. It just points out how corrupt the political process in America is.

Isn't saying the American political system is better than any other country like saying the Egg McMuffin is the healthiest choice on the McDonald's menu.  I don't Governor Romney has a clue what the price of milk is, and President Obama put into place laws that allow the Government to come in and arrest you for no apparent reason. Enjoy your Tyranny America.

Meanwhile I have students at my job who are doing everything they physically can to legally stay in this country. Its fun as most of the time he just makes noises at me. He is an obvious caring, compassionate person, he just wants help. I can see him asking for more evening classes so he can spend ore time studying.  He is hungry for any help to stay in this country.

On the other side of the lab I have a 20 something year old male who is sleeping in class, loading software to watch DVDs, and completely ignoring the free education that he will eventually run out of. He has no idea what is sitting in front of him. He feels entitled. It will all be ok. It's just such a difference of opinion.

I think as American's we take for granted the opportunities that are here in America. We need to wake up and start getting our news from places like

Dear Gay Fan

Dear Gay Fan

Dear GayFan,

Dear Gay FanI’m sorry I offended you. I was only imitating my friend Fausto from the Feast of Fun podcast I got to hang with Fausto and Marc in 2005. Two truly awesome people who took the fun of the night to a whole new level. Instead of focusing on our differences, we focused on what we had in common. It was a blast.

All stereotypes have some form of truth in them. A hint. A spec. I know a LOT of Christians who are judgmental right wing nut jobs. I know a lot of country music fans who drive trucks, own guns, and drink beer. I lead classes at a college where the predominantly African American student body could not get to class on time. What about all the pregnant white teenage mothers who couldn’t seem to get to that school on time even though Grandma was watching the kid? It also turned out most of these young mothers were on welfare. Does it mean all? Never.

I worked with two, hard working, compassionate, funny, gay men at a company. Both had a huge understanding of Broadway plays, and both of them had a unique way of pronouncing their “S’s”. They were great friends.

When I see someone on the street, as an average white male I have at times said the word “Howdy!” (Can I sound any more WHITE?).  Does this mean that all country music fans are high school drop outs who marry their cousin? NO! That all African American people are lazy and eat chicken? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Does this mean that all Gay men sound this way? Nope, but enough do that every comedian seems it OK to lisp when talking gay, nasal when talking white, stupid when talking southern, and Yo! use Ebonics when talking “Black” (you know what I’m sayin?). It is never my intention to offend, if we can’t embrace our own cultures and embrace our differences than soon freedom of speech will be a thing of the past.

If someone did an imitation of me and it contained me saying “Ya know” or some other type of stammering (which I do) I couldn’t argue that I stammer. I understand YOU don’t talk like in a stereotypical gay male fashion. In that case I suggest that I was not talking about you.

As a guitarist who has never smoked a joint and didn’t have a sip of alcohol until his early twenties, I do not get offended when people assumed I did drugs. When I tell them I grew up listening to Ozzy Osbourne, and Judas Priest (fronted by a Gay Male by the way – who is still one of my favorite singers) I understand why they jump to this conclusion. Why? Because I realize that most musicians get up around the crack of three, wake and bake, and look for a girlfriend so they have some place to live. I am the exception to the rule, and I enjoy breaking stereotypes.

I apologize for hurting you. As a person who tries to be the same on mic as I do off mic, I will more than likely do this again. The show is unscripted. My show is me talking to my favorite people including you. As there are thousands of you, if I had to worry about every word that didn’t offend Native Americans, African Americans, Gay, Straight, Bi, transgendered, Lesbian, I would have to stop at the “Welcome to the Logical Weight Loss” podcast. With this in mind I apologize in advance. You will hear (poorly executed) accents from time to time. It’s just me being me. I can’t help myself. My apologies for every English person when I start off a sentence with “Right-O!” (but when I was in England my instructor did that every day).

I’m not sure why talking like a Faux gay men is offensive? If you listen to their last podcast from October 2010 when Fausto says “FabuouS” I would say I’m pretty spot on. Are you saying Fausto is offensive? I’m sure that would hurt his feelings.