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The Truth About Teenage Boys

Teenage Boys and SexI work with teenages alot. I have nieces who are teenagers, my girlfriend has teenage daughters, and I work with the youth of my church.

While I realize that saving yourself for marriage may be a pipe dream, I thought I should let girls know what is going on. I should probably let parents know as well that kids are contemplating sex alot sooner than YOU probably did (as in like 13 and 14 years old).

You have your whole life to have sex. SLOW DOWN.

These poors girls think they are in love, and this is my way to set the record straight on their Knights in Shining Armor. I don't want you to hate men, but they are raging hormons combined with an insane amount of curiosity.

Oh yeah, then there is the whol AIDS, STDs, Abortion thing….

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Red White and Screwed

Is it too much to ask all of our new neighbors to learn English? Why do new immagrants not embrace English like the ones who came over in the early 1900s.Dave expresses his frustration about being asked to speak spanish at his local bank machine

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The Amercian Holiday Song from BELT

Bring Your Brick

The planet is going down the tubes.  Want some very disturbing television to watch?

My Sweet 16 or

Engaged or Underaged

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Focusing on Train Wrecks

Train Wrecks - Building a Better DaveI talk about regaining some weight, and how interesting it is that we all focus on the freaks. It appears the worse we behave the more attention we receive.  Why do things that could actually inspire us to do better get little or no spotlight.

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The Children Are Our Future?

I talk about getting straight A's for the first time in my life, possibly getting into a new band, and a trip to the baseball park with 29 of my closest friends.