Check Please!


I'm typically a hard person to find speechless, but when my Ethics teacher presented us a blog posting about a Japanese video game called “Rapelay”  where the goal of the games was to rape women and force them into having abortions. I grew up playing Monopoly and operation.  I was speechless.

I mean how does that go down? Does Hop Sing come running and and go “I've got a great idea for a game where YOU can be the rapest,” and everyone goes “By george he's got it!” I mean seriously. How does this have a market so that people would even ponder the thought of creating it in the first place? What's next Old McDonald's Bestiality Video Game?

I suppose if I stand up and say, “I embrace free speach, and I embrace other cultures, but this is messed up” I'm going to be labeled “judgemental.” If this is the case, what would be classified as wrong?

I just know at this point, I've seen enough. It's sad, and I feel ashamed to be human. I want off the planet. “Check please!” lets box it up and get out of here.

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