Fixing the Credit Crisis

My New Name is AIG

Fixing the Credit CrisisSo the US Government is broke. Here is a solution:

Instead of giving 85 billion to greedy pigs on wallstreet, why not give it to everyone who is an adult in the US? (301,000,000 people). Give the government 30% (so they get 25,500,000,000 back immediately). This would leave everyone with 297,500 to um. PAY OFF THEIR HOUSE, or their credit cards, or their sutdent loans, and nobody is in debt, and everyone wins. This includes the people who screwed up on Wall street, and the people fighting over seas.

Why can't we do this? If we're going to pay someone PAY ME!

Dates From Hell Show Launched

Dates From Hell Show ImageThe nurse and I have launched a podcast together. Its about finding love online (like we did – celebrating 2 years in about two weeks). If you have a dating horror story, or a success story call it in 866-97-DATES. We will be providing advice to avoid the pitfalls of finding your true love online. Check it out at


Starewell – Broke and Out of Money courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network

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Starewell - Broke and Out of Money

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