Fun at the Football Game

The nurse and I attended a football game (as the senator play claronete in the band). This week we were the visiting team and the home team was having a homecoming week. It was interesting. So this week I'm shaing my thought on:

Cheerleaders: How many minutes into that first game does to take for you to realize you tried out, you made the squad, and nobody is listening to you.

Song Selection: Hey! Here is a lovely soft melodic tune. Let's find an arrangment for a high school band!

Why Sweet Caroline was sweet.

If you right a great song, we don't care if you molest children.

Having fun reliving our high school days.

Have someone who is 5 foot 2 stick up for you when you're five foot 10.

Girls who only date rock stars.

Doing ESPN style game assessment of a high school football game, and giving the same assessment to the cheerleaders.



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