Garbage In Garbage Out

Dunce Student PictureMy sister in law teaches second grade. Did you know the parents of students that get flunked can veto the flunk and send them into the next grade? It's true. Why? Because nobody wants to make children feel bad. There is no accountability. She had 17 out of 27 students last year that didn't speak english. These people couldn't be flunked, well, because they couldn't spell flunked. They were “ESL.”

So I am doing student teaching now. I'm with these kids 20 years in the future and the can't comprehend anything because they have not been pushed. There have been no consequences. They still feel good about themselves, but they are so far behind the rest of the world that it will take them a bit to get caught up and be ready. Where if we had told them they “didn't cut it” and they need to bring their learning skills “up a notch,” they may not be in this bind. Let me say something, these are NOT stupid people. It is a group of people that either their parents, their schools, etc have not held them accountable for their education.

The result is people in their 20s who are ending week 2 of school and haven't purchased the book yet. We have people who create and online account (login and password), and then can't remember the password. That's ok, we sent the password to their e-mail, and they couldn't remember the password to their email.

Again, these people are not stupid. They've just never been held accountable for their learning.

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