I Lost the Little Guy

I lost the Little Guy

Today I talk about how my life has not been very eventful. Then my ex-wife called me at 3:30 in the morning to let me know that a dog (that used to be my dog) was lost. She had let him outside, but she couldn't find him.

Now the interesting thing is, this dog had SERIOUS problems walking. So how drunk do you have to be to lose a dog who can't walk?

This brought up to thoughts for me. First, even though I am an award winning teacher, I can't get this “Student” to understand the concept that she has a drinking problem. However, I am a huge failure when it comes to this.

Secondly, it has been many years since I separated from my first wife. I have done things, and taken steps to make my life better. I've been lucky enough to find a wonderful woman to share my life with me (who has fabulous kids to boot). I'm getting ready to graduate with my second degree. My life has moved on for the better. Meanwhile my ex-wife is still at square one. Sad.

While I could cut off ALL communication with my ex (I talk to her for a few minutes about every 7-12 weeks), but unfortunately when someone talks about “Chrisitans” I would put big money on my face coming into her (or her family's) mind. So I try to do what Jesus would, and be nice, and hopefully she will see that my life is better due to my faith.

She called again, and I was very tempted to answer the phone with “ARE YOU SOBER THIS TIME?” But instead I took a deep breath, and answered normally. I am glad I held my temper. She again was crying, but this time it was because the dog had seizure and she had to have him put to sleep. My “Little Guy” that I used to watch the Cleveland Browns with was gone. He was so little. So cute. I loved that dog a lot, and I will miss him. catv

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