My Imaginary Friend

My Imaginary Friend - Great Gazoo

When I was growing up I was always amazed at how adults were fascinated about me having an imaginary friend. So I made up a friend that made no sense (he lived on top of a water tower). This delighted the adults. The more ridiculous the story, the more they would laugh, and I like to make people laugh so I would occasionally indulge them and talk about “Fako.”

Our fascination with fake people continues as “Reality TV” shows makes “Stars” out of people (with their fake nails, fake boobs, fake lips, fake tatoos, fake hair, fake tan) who come on the show and try to “keep it real.” The only thing real about reality TV is that IT'S NOT REAL.

This was partly due to Ozzy Osbourne as his show seems crazy. Well guess what folks, Ozzy is NUTS. This is why his show worked, and why almost every show after it has not.

Now we have Rock Of Love (with Brett Michaels from the band Poison). This time its for real.

Where are the real people. Where are the heroes for our children to look up to?

Music By Top Johnny from the Podsafe Music Network “Keep it Real.”

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