My Wife’s Name is Diane

Mr. and Mrs David Jackson

Today I'm playing snippets from my wedding to the lovely Diane (formerly known as “the Nurse”).  The wedding day is a bit of a blur. Everything went off without too much stress. The honeymoon stories will be following (much more entertaining than the wedding ceremony probably). So here is what you get:

The Vows

“the countess” (my 16 year old step-daughter) sings (and I play the guitar)

I sing a bit (again snippets).

Pronounced man and wife


From the podsafe music network.  The Root Doctor “Me and My Wife.”

ROOT DOCTOR: Been A Long Time ComingThe music this episode is from Root Doctor from the podsafe music network. The song is called “Me and My Wife” and is available on CD, or as a Download at CDbaby. You can also find out more about the band at

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