Put Up or Shut Up – It’s Time to Get Weird.

????????Today I talk about some “Weird” things that have been happening like thousands (that's four digits) have been awarded for my wife and I to go to an INTENSE marriage counseling in Texas. I heard about a national marriage expert named Mark Gungor, and days later he was calling me on the phone. I had a friend of mine turn me on to John McCarthur only to find out that he has a podcast about (you guessed it) MARRIAGE. The church I attend is having a five week series on MARRIAGE.

I reached out to my immediate family and was ignored. These are the people who wish I would get divorced. Meanwhile on my birthday it was my wife and one of my step children who posted birthday wishes on my facebook page. I just purchased Weird for my Kindle. This is a book that points out that if you are truly taking the words of the bible and LIVING them in your life. You should look pretty weird compared to most people today. So when I know all of the crap that my wife and I have gone through and we are still trying to save a marriage that I wrote off three months ago -it's weird.

I realized that if you are getting married to “complete” yourself you are in for a very RUDE experience. IN FACT, whatever is “Wrong” with you will be AMPLIFIED when you get married. You will probably be messier, (or more of a neat freak), or if you are selfish, you would be MORE selfish (in my situation).

I read that fear was not created by God (although the story of Korah in Numbers 16 may produce some fear as a bi-product). I also read that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I have family members who will probably disown me if I stay with my wife. What should I fear more, God or losing my Family? If I truly believe that the bible is the sinpred word of God. If I truly believe every word. If I'm not giving people lips service, I should fear God (as should my family for not forgiving me for being an idiot). In his book The Freedom and Power of Forgiveness John MaCarthur talks about how we should be running to see who can forgive each other the fastest. That when we forgive each other, we imitate God (again, slightly confused where the forgiveness was in Numbers 16). None the less, if I want God to forgive me, I need to forgive others.

What kind of legacy will you leave for your kids. What will they say of your actions? My Grandfather was in church every Sunday. I remember that. He sang in the choir. He was a deacon. His ACTIONS are what come to mind. He put his wife first when her health began to fail even if it meant leaving his home. I've always strived to be like my Grandfather. I failed at that challenge. But I also know that I have not seen the last of him and will be reunited with him. He is a Christian. He worked hard. Never lived beyond his means. Was happy even when he was poor. Cherished his wife and kids, and adored his Grandchildren. I never heard him swear. I never heard him raise his voice. How weird.


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  1. Dave,
    Thanks for sharing! I pray that all the important relationships in your life are healed soon!

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