Student Centered Learning

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Today I talk about my college experience as it is now complete and behind me. I am amazed at how we learn over and over that we need to get our children to learn math and science. We learn that the United States of America is LOSING to other countries, and we can't keep saying “We're Number 1” too much longer.

I am amazed at the stupid topics, sloppy delivery, unorganized delivery of topics that was my education. I learned the most when I got behind and got my first “F” ever. I learned that I'm not Superman, and I can't always put things off, and catch up later. I learned that you need balance in your life. That you occasionally have to say “No” to people to keep your sanity.

I'm glad I don't have to listen how I need to be sure to work examples into my lesson plans that transgendered people can relate to. After all, we all have our own tastes and cultures. Unless I'm teaching a cooking class, and the subject is cutting up hot dogs, I'm not going to be able to related to a transgendered person. I'm not saying these are bad people, but I'm not saying this is a “normal” or better “natural” occurrence. I know, I know, I'm judgmental.  I need to keep my opinion to myself so you can voice your opinion about how wrong my opinion is. Funny how that is… You're negative opinion about me is ok, my negative opinion about you is “judgmental.”

There are two ways to learn something. You mimic the actions of those who do it exceptionally well, or you do the polar opposite of those who completely, without a doubt, suck at it.

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