Teachers Pet

As a teacher of 15 years, the one thing you want in the classroom is a willing student. I’m amazing as I now sit in the classroom and I see a teacher ask a question and NOBODY raises their hand. These are called “class participation” points and they are easy, and come in handy when your grade is “on the fence.”

Teachers also like to see the information they are providing making it into your brain. If you are asked to write a paper, be sure to work any vocabulary words you have picked up in the grading period and use them in the paper. The teacher will see you are learning, and this will make them feel good.

Show up to class on time, and apologize if you’re late. This is good old fashioned respect for the teacher. Who doesn’t appreciate being respected? Keep in mind this person has control of your grade.

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1:08 Acoustic Guitar – 2006 Plastic Soul
2:55 Brian Drotar Melodic Memory
6:19 Brian Turner Love
10:27 Incidental Fusion – The Journey
14:40 Jim Fidler On Waterford River
18:07 Rob Costlow I Do

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