Taking Online Classes

November 16th, 2007

Welcome to show #12

If you plan on taking online classes thinking its going to be easier (I did), be warned they are not. In my case they are more work. They also require the following:

If you are use to the teacher reminding you, thats not going to happen. It is up to YOU now to make yourself study, do the homework, and read the mountains of material, and watch the hours of videos.

You need to write down those important dates. You need to login every day and contribute to the class. Also keep in mind its not a “learn at your own pace” type if situation. There is a pace, its just that you are your own coach.

1:45 Mark Heimonen -Tranquility
4:50 Jim Richmond -Romantic Escape
6:30 Marco Raaphost – Blowing Snow
9:32 Serena Matthews – Wind Falling
11:10 Jon Scmidt – Winter Wind X
15:26 Mario Ajero РMoonlight Paino Sonata No2 mvt Ludwig Van Beethoven. X
21:52 Taking Online Classes – Tips

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Starting a New Grading Period

September 7th, 2007

When you start a new grading period, you have straight A’s. Its only till you blow that first test that you go “Now I have a C.” The instructor gives you a sylabis. This tells you exactly what is coming and when. What yopu need to do is take out yur daytimer (or get one), and wrtie down important dates like tests, and paper due dates, etc. Then go back on your calendar and write down things like “study for Math Exam” a week before the exam.

By taking the time ti write this down, it allows you to plan for the class (and for your life). It does take some time to do this, but it is worth it. You will never lose points because you didn’t know something was due.

Music Timeline

1:01 Ann Davis Elevator Music – BUY CD
2:33 Julie Melton Serenity BUY CD
6:00 Sonic Deviant Peache’s Lullaby http://www.sonicdeviant.com/
12:40 Colie Brice: Contemplative Thoughts http://aeriaentertainment.com/
15:52 Jackit Patrick Beautiful You http://myspace.com/jakit
19:21 Michael Mucklow UniVerse BUY CD

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