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Multiple Priorities

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Today I talk about a great quote: “Having more than two priorities is like saying you have more than two arms. You are either crazy or you are lying.”

As I have now graduated, one of the main things I learned is that you need to keep school your top priority. When I didn’t (I kept thinking I would get caught up tomorrow) I got so far behind that I couldn’t get caught up and I ended up failing the class.

I never thought I could get an F, but this was true.  Not only did this shock me, but it also cost me money (as I got to take the class again) and it cost me time (I graduated six months later as they don’t offer the class every semester).  In stead of graduating in the fall of 2008, I graduated in the Spring of 2009 (when the economy was even worse).

Keep the big picture in mind.  Keep your education, your life, as a top priority. School will be over sooner than you think. Then you can go back to “having fun” or whatever you are neglecting to handle your studies.


Mario Ajero
Moonlight Sonata

Ron Maryann Sfarzo
America Our Country Piano Solo

Michael Muklow – Guitar Percussion
“Love’s Way”

Josh Woodward – Guitar
Of Dark Rooms and Candles

Anthony Burbidge
The First Light – piano

Take Better Notes

Friday, March 23rd, 2007

Today Dave discusses some techniques to make sure your notes are a tool you can use to boost your test scores.

2:47 Michael Muklow -Loves Way – Buy CD
7:20 Lee Maddeford – Memories
10:13 Mark Heimonen – Melancholy
14:19 Mattijis Hollemans – Before We Sleep
17:30 Cello Journey – Elegy
23:43 Jordan Yaruss – A Final Thought