Surviving Your Wedding – A Guys Guide

Surviving Your Weddingonline casino

Here are some tips for future grooms as you prepare for your wedding:

If she says she wants a small wedding. marry her immediately do not pass go do not collect 200 dollars.

Saying things really romantic like, “I'm just excited to say I do and spend the rest of my life waking up next to you” have no effect. The marketing machines have hammered a large wedding into her head. You can't win. No, I'm sorry. You CAN'T WIN.

Realize that while she wants you to be involved in the wedding, she doesn't actually want your opinion.  Never the less, you need to be there to be “involved.”

Speaking of opinion, you probably don't have one, especially when it comes to table center pieces, flowers, invitations. DO NOT say “I don't care.” Instead ask which one she likes and agree with  her.

Also, never say things like “It's YOUR wedding, it is ALWAYS OUR wedding. Not THE wedding, its OUR WEDDING.

Under no circumstances ever should you ever refer  to your wedding as a “Dog and Pony Show.” This will not go over well. 🙂

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