The Power of the Boo


BooToday I talk about how I was at a football game and we all joined in on a good old fashioned BOO!

Oddly enough nothing changed. The referees didn't change their call. Did this ever work? Back in the 1700s if you shouted BOO at someone, were they obligated to change their mind?

Also on the show today I talk about my two weekends that I worked in a haunted School House. There is nothing more fun than trying to hide your 6″ 1″ frame behind a three foot wall.

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Dave the Baptist

Dave Jackson Baptist Minister in Training?????So where have I been? Well I got a job I hated, and now I have a job I love.  Then the dog ate a whole box of Trix, and then a WHOLE chocolate cake, and then decided to throw up on the couch. It's been fun.

The road to happily ever after has taken a new strange twist. I've had an urge to become a pastor for about 4 years (I occasionally fill in for the pastor), and to make a long story short, when the pastor asked to me to think about becoming an interim pastor I said “yes.”

This means I get to go back to school to learn how to be a pastor, etc and I will be licensed to preach in my church, eventually Ohio, and from there its up to me.

My Wife’s Name is Diane

Mr. and Mrs David Jackson

Today I'm playing snippets from my wedding to the lovely Diane (formerly known as “the Nurse”).  The wedding day is a bit of a blur. Everything went off without too much stress. The honeymoon stories will be following (much more entertaining than the wedding ceremony probably). So here is what you get:

The Vows

“the countess” (my 16 year old step-daughter) sings (and I play the guitar)

I sing a bit (again snippets).

Pronounced man and wife


From the podsafe music network.  The Root Doctor “Me and My Wife.”

ROOT DOCTOR: Been A Long Time ComingThe music this episode is from Root Doctor from the podsafe music network. The song is called “Me and My Wife” and is available on CD, or as a Download at CDbaby. You can also find out more about the band at