Rubber Band Man

Rubber band ManSo my girlfriend and I listened to the book “Men are from Mars,
women are from Venus
in the car ride to Dayton Ohio where I
was talking to the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop.

I learned some new stuff as did my girlfriend.

Men are like rubber bands. They have an intimacy cycle, where they
get close, and then snap away. When they stretch as far as they can they
will then snap back. If a women tries to stop them from “stretching” it causes problems.

Women are like waves. They go up and down. If you try to stop the natural cycle of women.
If you try to stop this cycle, it causes issues as well.

So you can see where if a women is “crashing” and a man is “Stretched out” it could cause a
problem if both parties don't understand that they are just being male/female.

I found it interested and it has given “The nurse” and myself some valuable insights.

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