What I Always Wanted

The ClapperOK, We all have stories of odd gifts. However, looking back these many of my “unique” gifts came from family members who lived out of town and saw me once or twice a year.  I could've won an Oscar for my performance “Best Faking of Appreciation” role.

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Archie the Giant Demonic Snowman

Demonic Snowman - Better Dave

Welcome to day #6 of the “12 dave's of Christmas”  

When Santa's line got too long the genious staff of Chappel Hill Mall in Akron, Ohio decided to invent “Archie” this 3 story tall snowman to talk to kids (who would then relay all information to Santa).

Hmmm… back to the drawing board.

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This show originates from www.betterdave.com

Grandma’s Role Call

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 Welcome to another installment of “The 12 Dave's of Christmas”

Grandma's Role CallI talk about the spooky basement with the hand grenade, the shell, and the doorway to hell. A great place to play on Chrismas day.

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