Feeling Homeless

HomelessMissing the days of comforters and hot chocolate. The joys of living out of a suitcase are slowy eroding my attitude. We take for granted that “Ahhhhh…” feeling of wlking into our homes. Until you don't have one (or at least one that is truly yours, where you can put some roots down…)

I really hesitated putting out this (and a few other) episodes as they've all been kind of “downers” so I put this out for anyone else who might not be feeling as “Up” as they would like to say “Hey you're not the only one.” Hang in there. If it weren't for Mountains we'd never have to learn how to climb.

Music – Jim Suhler “Trying to Get Back Home.” From the Podsafe Music Network at music.podshow.com  Buy the CD and Listen to Samples at cdbaby.com

Helping the Homless to Lie

Dave shows off his new announcer Scott “Mr Podcheck” Fletcher. Check it out at

Dave gives his input on a homeless person he met in Cleveland. Its the same old scam he's heard time and time again.

Told Me Lies From Stefani

from “Pieces”
by Stefani
Atomic K Records