She Said Yes

Today I talk about me popping the question last week to “The Nurse” and she made me very happy by saying yes.  Today I talk about the absolute guys view to engagement ring shopping. There is a strange aerobic dance that women do when they put on a ring. She loves choices. I mean she […]

Rubber Band Man

So my girlfriend and I listened to the book “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus in the car ride to Dayton Ohio where I was talking to the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop. I learned some new stuff as did my girlfriend. Men are like rubber bands. They have an intimacy cycle, where they […]


Dave takes some time to realize how much time we can waste asking “What if?” Don’t get lost in “What-ifville.” He also talks about some of the comforting words of wisdom his father shared with him growing up. Music: “What if World” Steve McDaniel from the Podsafe Music Network