Relationship 2.0

So my trust went left of center this weekend as I let some small circumstances get the best of me and get “in my head” making me act like someone I don't want
to be. I'm not very proud of myself.

In the end, my “suspicious” attitude showed “The Nurse” how much
I TRULY cared, and that made her happy (not a recommended
practice). In the end, we put all the cards on the table, and came back
with “Relationship 2.0″It's stronger, faster, and built to last.

Guys if you find yourself suspicious, its best to get the information directly from the source,
instead of finding bits and pieces and trying t connect the dots.

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I Don’t Undertstand Women

OK, it's official. I don't understand women.  Today I return to one of my favorite topics which is how men and women are so different. Here are some topics:

Nails: I don't know a guy who picks a woman based on their nails, but women love to do their nails and comment on other women's nails.

Listening: Guys are used to fixing things that are wrong. We are used to taking action. For a guy to listen to 2 minutes of complaints and then do NOTHING and by doing NOTHING something is FIXED. I don't get it, but its true.

Cat Fights: Put women in a room and they will scratch each other eyes out. Put guys together and they will work together to find a television set.

My School has purchased a new WEBCT program with 30% fewer features. My tuition money at work.

The Nurse Strikes Back

It's been a while. I had to prepare for and then take my final exams and my first semester at Akron University is in the books. FINALLY.

Get ready for “12 Daves of Christmas” coming tomorrow!

Dave tells about a fun trip to eat at Friendly's. Now we can't complain about children in this restaurant, but if you can't hear yourself think, it's time to take some action and THE NURSE STIKES BACK.

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