Whacky Bible Stories Part 1 -Samson and Delilah

In today's podcast I talk about how the Old testament is full of jacked up, hard to believe stories. I was listening on my Youversion app to Judges today and heard the story of Samson. I don't know if you consider him a bible hero (this website thinks so), but in this story we learn:

Whacky Bible Stories - Samson and DelilahDon't drink when you're pregnant.

Wives can whine their way into anything. It's ok to betray your husband. Great lessons for young ladies.

Samson takes revenge on his first wife for betraying him. Revenge seems justified here. Hmmm.. Great lessons for young males right?

Samson gets another wife name Delilah who also nags him and cries a lot. Eventually this tactic works.Reinforcing the great advice from before.

Samson gives into his wife which result in him being a slave and having his eyes gouged out. Thanks wife. Reinforcing that you should ignore a Woman's tears.

Blind people were entertainment back in the day. They don't say doing what, but I'm guessing it wasn't juggling.

Samson prays to God, and God gives him his super strength one last time and gets revenge and kills everyone. – If you have faith in God he will help you open up a can of whoop-ass.


I'm pretty sure I could learn the same lessons from watching a few episodes of the Jersey Shore Television Show.?????? ?? ???? ?????

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