What Would Shawn Do?

Buiilding a Better Dave - Picture of a keyMy Cousin's memorial service was people explaining how Shawn was “being Shawn” and tale after tale on what a great friend he was, and how he just didn't care for rules. He definitely would color “outside the lines.”

So as I walked away from the service I thought, “I could stand be to a bit more bold.” I don't want to be rude, but there are times when I'm sitting at the key counter of life being ignored that I need to stand up and say HEY! MAKE MY KEY!

In my latest class I'm learning that there are no more illegal immigrants. Now we have undocumented immigrants. PAH-LEASE! It's called illegal. I L L E G A L. I had a friend who marriedan “undocumented immigrant” and one day with his daughter watching immigration came and took him back to Mexico. If he was simply “undocumented” could they have not just said “Oh here you are” and documented it and let him stay? NO! He was ILLEGALLY in the country.

The Nurse is now on my phone plan. oooooh.

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