Have You Seen My Joy?

Dave is having a bad days. The holidays are taking its toll. He pulls out his blue “Attitude is everything” card, but even that won't work. However dating a nurse has its positive effects as he talks about what a really bad day is.

My Attitude is Everything
I will not let anyone steal my joy
I will not let anyone or anything impact my positive attitude
I will overcome, overpower, and overturn all obstacles
I can and will handle the challenge
I will look further than my vision, becuase I will work by faith not by sight.
I will dream BIG DREAMS. I will be positive.
I will move with a sense of urgrnacy, and stay committed to my goals.
I will check and recheck, balance and counter balance, reassure and be measured to the highest standard of escellence.
I will not give up, let up or look up tothe fear of defeat.
I will never forget wo I am, where I cam from. I realize this day, this moment, is truly a blessing.

My Attitude… is Everything!

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