The Best Teacher I Ever Had

Jim BlackstockDave talks about his favorite teacher and his retirement party. (Sharon I love you too – his wife). Jim's retirement part was wall to wall people – because he impacted people. You, yes YOU impact people every day. Make it a positive impact

Thanks for some great memories JB, you will be terribly missed

Now I need to go work on my Emo song

A listener suggested we stay away from Joel Osteen and instead check out the book Grace Walk What You've always wanted in a Christian Life or the website

Music Learn to Crawl by Black Lab

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  1. Unfortunately really good teachers are rare. And unfortunately in most cases you don’t realize how much they influenced your life in a positive way until you’re out of school for quite some time. And sometimes it’s too late to be able to say thank you to them.

    Oh and regarding Van Halen: I saw them in summer 1998. When they played “Jump”, all the keyboard parts were only playback :-(( During the intro of the song all band members just stood on stage, not doing anything but listening to the playback and waiting for their entry! I was quite disappointed.

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