Bathroom Humor with Coy Mathis

Coy MathisToday I talk about a story I heard about Coy Mathis who is a boy who has been living as a girl. Coy is six years old. I could care less about Coy's lifestyle, but I do get frustrated that we now have to label our bathrooms with the type of equipment you were born with. Some restaurants get cute and put things like “Dames” and “Guys”, or “Dudes” and “Chicks.” Apparently because of people like Coy we are going to have to chance bathroom signs to read “PENIS” and “VAGINA” (it will be fun to see what the international symbol for these signs are).

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I also talk about Outreach Magazine today. I was a subscriber to this magazine, but there are soooo many ads in this magazine I never re-subscribed. This has not stopped them from sending me issue after issue stating, “This is your last issue..”

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  1. Hey dave, Sorry but I noticed that this episode didn’t propagate the last episode I have is the Zombies in Vegas. Just wanted to let you know. Keep up the great work!

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