Every Day Should be Mother’s Day

Me Age 5 with my Mom
Me Age 5 with my Mom

Its little old Dave again, just reminding everyone not to blow off Mother's Day. For whatever reason I decided to do the math and see how many years my Mother has been gone. It's been 23 years. I had her for 24, and for whatever reason this bothered me. From this point forward I will have had less time with my mother than the actual time I did.

In going to therapy, its weird what bubbles up to the top. I remember two instances in grade school where I got left of lists. I hope this wasn't intentional, but there is that little voice in my head that will always wonder. I believe that's when I started working on my “shields.” You know the one you put up when there are people around who might hurt you. This can be dangerous as you might find that while you don't get hurt, you also can't let anyone near you. As good as you think your shields are, there are those occasions where something gets by you and knocks the wind out of you.

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