Hungry For America

I just got voting today and was amazed at the number of people who were on the ballet to be the next President of the United states of America and I had NO IDEA who they were. I Hungry For America

had never heard of their name. I was amazed. The whole process kind of made me sick. It just points out how corrupt the political process in America is.

Isn't saying the American political system is better than any other country like saying the Egg McMuffin is the healthiest choice on the McDonald's menu.  I don't Governor Romney has a clue what the price of milk is, and President Obama put into place laws that allow the Government to come in and arrest you for no apparent reason. Enjoy your Tyranny America.

Meanwhile I have students at my job who are doing everything they physically can to legally stay in this country. Its fun as most of the time he just makes noises at me. He is an obvious caring, compassionate person, he just wants help. I can see him asking for more evening classes so he can spend ore time studying.  He is hungry for any help to stay in this country.

On the other side of the lab I have a 20 something year old male who is sleeping in class, loading software to watch DVDs, and completely ignoring the free education that he will eventually run out of. He has no idea what is sitting in front of him. He feels entitled. It will all be ok. It's just such a difference of opinion.

I think as American's we take for granted the opportunities that are here in America. We need to wake up and start getting our news from places like

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  1. Oh Dave. If you were a Ron Paul guy, you should have done some research on Gary Johnson (whom you called Gary Anderson on the show). It is true that people didn’t hear more about him — because the media is in the pockets of the big two — but he had a lot to offer. The other point is that the GOP sued in several states to try to keep him off the ballots. As a result, monies were spent on lawsuits that could have been spent on promotion.

    If more people that felt the way that you do (about the sad state of bipartisan status-quo) would have voted for him, we could have made a difference. But most people never took the time to find the alternatives.

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