Problems Vs Annoyances

ProblemsToday I share a voicemail I got from a friend of mine Fred Castenada. He is a great guy, great entrepreneur, and has tons of experience. Fred is a Vietnam veteran. Now when I say Vietnam I don't mean the fun, wacky Vietnam you see in the movies with guys smoking cigs, and joking around in the jungle. Fred was and is the real deal. Fred was on the very front line, and live to tell when many of his friends did not. Thank you Fred for serving your country.

This Thanksgiving maybe we were talking about a new flat screen tv, or a laptop, or other issues that we wanted to fix. Fred's call lets us see that many of the “problems” we face are really just annoyances. We need to remember to count our blessings that we have food, shelter, and most importantly, nobody shooting at us.

I was very shaken when I got a call on Tuesday letting me know that a friend of mine (a music promoter) had taken his life. Walt was a Vietnam vet as well. I'm not sure what problems he had that made him lose all hope, but I'm pretty sure they were just very strong annoyances. I just can't stop thinking about how his little girls are dealing with this, and what does a wife say to her children?

Sometimes we get confused as to what a problem is, and what is an annoyance. Thanks Fred for sharing, and for reminding us to count our blessings.

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  1. “just very strong annoyances”

    Good God, you not only have no idea about how devastating and overpowering mental illness can be, you obviously have no in-depth understanding of what the soldiers who experienced the ‘real deal’ went through and what they’re carrying in their minds and souls every. damn. day. thanks to that god-awful experience.

    Longest run-on sentence I’ve ever written.

    Hopefully, his wife explains to his children that he loved them very much. Hopefully, she helps them as they get older understand what he was going through that made him feel it was necessary to leave them like that.

    Suicide is such a hard thing to deal with for those left behind, but the very act of suicide, the taking of one’s own life, should in and of itself tell you that what that person was dealing with was, to them, more than ‘just very strong annoyances’.

    Keep trying to get better, Dave. Your empathic side could use some work.

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