Through His Stripes

There is a Bible Passage that I learned about through the Rock Band Stryper. It's Isaiah 53:5 Which states, “But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed.” Well today we talking about the stripes of a jail uniform.

It's amazing in a way that anything would ever come close to competing for the title of “Worst Day of My Life” with the day my Mother died, the night I spent in jail comes close. In this episode I talk about being booked, and my evening in jail. I'm not sure how anyone ever sleeps in jail. When I finally had to honor “lights out” I found I wasn't alone in my cell. I know this makes me sound insane, but I believe Satan is real, and the voice in my head was not from God, and the things it said were nothing that I would say to myself.

You see everything God tells you to put down, and not to carry those burdens. However, behind us is Satan taking notes so that when the time is right he can tell you to pick them all up. With the ability to focus on something else removed, Satan said some of the nastiest things in my head, and reminded me of every person who had ever let me down, and how (in general) I was a piece of crap. I know I've read that you can cast the devil out by evoking the name Jesus, but when Satan has you on the ropes, you trying to recover from the massive body blows he is delivering.

Eventually I got up out of my cot, and moved the pillow on the cot above me to find a bible. I thought, “Alright you bastard, now I've got some ammunition.” Only the voice had already left…


Whatever it takes. Whatever you do. Do everything in your power to stay on the free side of prison bars.

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